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Cruising – An Affordable Family Vacation

by Dana Ward on Mar 07, 2009 0

affordable family vacation Cruising is a great and affordable family vacation! If you thought taking a cruise was neither affordable nor family friendly, think again.There is so much to do on a cruise and the ports of call that it appeals to all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens.

There are play groups and nap times, as well as some of the best Bingo anywhere.

Some cruise lines and specific cruises do cater to specific groups, such as the Disney Cruise Line, as well as other lines that may offer a specific trip for a large group of people, such as a medical conference, or PBA convention.

When deciding on a cruise line, ship, and destinations to book, consider several things.  Most cruise lines have special deals and programs to suit different needs.

Will you be traveling with small children, toddlers, aging parents?  Will you need special accommodations for your party?  It is possible to have an Is it really an affordable family vacation?

Some ports of call are much more expensive to do the activities than other ports.  When you add it all up, one cruise that looked more expensive than another may not be at all.  It’s really important to be honest with yourself here.  Plan it out.  Then multiply by the number of people in your party, and the prices per age group and then you can have a more accurate picture of what your cruise family vacation will cost.

Most cruises are “all inclusive.”  They use this term loosely, because there are items and activities that carry additional charges.  Drinks (some include soda with this term), some specialty restaurants, and activities such as Bingo, carry additional charges.  Don’t let that alarm you because it is possible to go on a cruise and not spend any additional money if you don’t want to, and still have a great time!

Do your homework; plan, make realistic choices, and your affordable family vacation can be the cruise of a lifetime.

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