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All Inclusive Caribbean Vacations – Part 1

by Dana Ward on Apr 28, 2009 0

All inclusive Caribbean vacations are a great value.  The next all inclusive vacation I want to take is to the Beaches Turks and Caicos.  all inclusive caribbean vacations part 1

I first heard about Turks & Caicos almost ten years ago from a friend.  She and her husband take their three boys there every year.

One of the benefits they liked was the fact that this Caribbean destination was not well known, yet the amenities were excellent. 

Well, the days of Turks and Caicos being an obscure place to visit are over.  This is because there has been a lot of publicity recently.  In fact, as I write this article, the local radio station, as well as ten other stations, is broadcasting from this location.  The radio station I prefer is B104.7 FM and the morning show personalities broadcasting from this all inclusive resort are Tom and Becky.  Let me say this – The Beaches resorts advertising campaign has worked on me!

Combine my previous knowledge of the area being a great quality vacation experience, and the recent radio broadcasts, I’m hooked!  Prior to these broadcasts I might have chosen another resort.  However, Tom and Becky did several interviews with the staff and really gave us a feel of the quality of staff and services as well as accommodations we can expect to find.

The Best All Inclusive Caribbean Vacations

This resort seems to offer one of the best  all inclusive Caribbean vacations.

Some of the most interesting interviews were with the resort chef who is from Scotland.  He gave a little personal history and then explained how his job at the resort is to oversee all of the restaurants within the resort and make sure everything is right.  The other interview I especially enjoyed is the one with the resort photographer.  She pointed out how often families have a lot of pictures with one family member missing, because they were behind the camera taking the photo.

What the resort offers are staff photographers that go around and takes photos of the guests.  They have a system that allows the guests to view the images later and if they choose to, they can buy them, or if not, there is no obligation.  Also, they make it a point to capture the natural action and fun the kids are having, rather than to pose them.  She also mentioned the staff gets rewarded for taking further education courses, which is a win-win situation.

There are so many all inclusive Caribbean Vacations to choose from, but the next one I’m going to take is to Beaches Turks and Caicos.

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