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An Atlantis Vacation

by Dana Ward on Mar 25, 2009 0

atlantis vacationIf you are looking for a top quality, interesting, and huge resort to visit, then an Atlantis vacation is for you.

There is a small island in the Bahamascalled Paradise Island and it has become famous for one of the premier resort experiences available to travelers today.

This place is so big people joke that you need a map to get around.  An Atlantis vacation is by no means for the budget minded traveler. The room rates range from really expensive to moderately priced rooms.  If a family chooses to vacation here, I suggest booking a room in the Coral Towers.  The reason for this suggestion is because of the location of the Coral Towers.  It is in the central part of the property and that makes it easiest to get around to all of the different activities and places to go to around the facility.  Also, if you want to take the kids to the Lagoon Pool or  the Predator lagoon, the Coral Towers is closest to these water spots.

Atlantis Vacation Perks

The resort is so huge there is something to interest guests of all ages.  Sun bathers will love the sandy beach which stretches along the coastline for miles.  For those who love to be out in the sun but without the sand blowing about, there are eleven pool areas to please those guests.

If Water sports are what you and your family are looking for, then you should check out Neptune’s Water Toys Hut because that is where the guests can get equipment for a lot of water sport activities.  These toys, as they call them, are not motorized, but you can still have a lot of fun playing with the water bikes, kayaks, paddle boats, and my favorite, snorkeling equipment.  There is a rental fee for some equipment.

The Kids’ Atlantis Vacation

If you are vacationing with children, an Atlantis vacation is for you.  The resort has programs for children and they break the programs out into two different age groups, which make the experience more enjoyable for the kids, because they can play with other kids in their age group.  The younger group has a program called, “The Aqua Tots Program.”

This program is designed for kids under the age of three.  The other program is called the “Discovery Channel Camp” and is geared towards kids from the ages between four and twelve.  The program is flexible and offers short programs for just about an hour, or a much longer program that includes a meal, whether it is lunch or dinner.

The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort has things to do like visit the marine exhibits or slide down the six different water slides.  This is something both the parents and kids will enjoy.  However, just a side note – the kids must be at least 48 inches tall to go down the slides here.

If your family loves an upscale beach vacation filled with fun, sun, and activities, then an Atlantis vacation is for you.

Image credit: Robert Linder an Atlantis Vacation

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