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Black Sand Beaches vs. White Sand Beaches

by Dana Ward on Apr 04, 2009 0

black sand beaches Although growing up white sand beaches were the types my family visited, black sand beaches have always fascinated me.

Well, the seasons have changed.  It is spring in the United States, and Fall in Australia.  With the change of seasons, families often start to think about vacations and beaches.

We are no exception.  We just watched a program that showed Hawaii’s black sand beaches. 

Black Sand Beaches vs. White Sand Beaches

There are several different types of beaches.  Each has its pros and cons.  Many northern regions have rock beaches.  There are smaller, pebble beaches.   However, perhaps the most well known shores contain white sand beaches.  It seems that the most rare, and romantic beach type is the black sand beaches.  These beaches can be found in different areas including Hawaii.

Contrast that to the pure white sandy beaches.  Humm… There’s a thought.  Let’s have a contest.  Do you prefer to be on a white sand beachs, or a black sand beachs?  We’d like to know.  Please leave your choice and any comments about why you chose the one you did.

It is said the color of the sand is from crushed rock.  In the case of black sand beaches, the color comes from lava.  Many couples yearn for the romantic notion of this and choose to take a honeymoon vacation in Hawaii just to experience this rare type of sandy beach.

Image credits:  zrs, bb for black sand beaches vs white sand beaches

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