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A Dry Snorkel is Best

by Dana Ward on May 03, 2009 0

dry snorkelWhy choose a Dry Snorkel?

There are so many types of snorkels to choose from, but a dry snorkel
is best.  This is because of its great design.With a dry snorkel the water splash does not go down the tube into the swimmers mouth.  This saves energy by not having to blow out the water from the shaft.  There are different brands of this type of snorkel, but the basic principle is the same.

With regular snorkels the top of the shaft is open to allow air into the swimmers lungs.

This is a good thing.  Where this design goes bad is that it also allows water to easily go into the swimmers mouth as well.  A Dry Snorkel has a mechanism at the top of the shaft.  Within this part is a one way valve.  This valve seals the top of the snorkel if water tries to get in.  It also is effective in 360 degrees, not just when it is vertical.

Who should use a Dry Snorkel?

If you are worried about being able to breathe with this valve, don’t worry.  You can breathe quite well with this style.  I have used this style for over ten years and highly recommend it.  Age is not a requirement for the success of this type of snorkel.  My children have also used this style since they were very little.

There is another style of dry snorkel that uses a flap within the top mechanism to keep the water out.  The theory looks similar.  I have not personally tried this style, but feel it is important to mention.  Since the ball joint piece style works so well for me, I will continue to use it as long as it is available on the market.

Is This Technology Expensive?

Luckily this technology has come down in price in the last several years.  Over ten years ago I paid around a hundred U.S. dollars for this snorkel.  Now they are available for less than a quarter of that price!  Many manufacturers offer a combination of matching mask and snorkel.

Which ever brand you choose, I recommend you get a Dry Snorkel and take it every time you go to the beach.  Having this equipment handy is a good idea.  Even if you are just planning on sun bathing by the water’s edge, it’s nice to have the snorkel with you.  Sometimes you can see some interesting sites right at the shoreline.  Whatever you are planning for your adventures, be sure to include a dry snorkel and they will be more fun!

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