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Great Family Beach Vacations

by Dana Ward on Mar 10, 2009 0

family beach vacationsFamily beach vacations are a great choice for a travel destination.  There are many different ways to take a beach vacation.

A popular choice is to take the family to an all inclusive resort, and use the same beach and resort amenities throughout your stay.  Did you ever think of an alternative to this choice?

Well, there is, and I suggest you give it a try.  Choose a warm destination that has several different beaches.  This works especially well if you are driving to your vacation spot.

Ideas for Great Family Beach Vacations

Have you ever considered renting a bungalow, townhouse, cottage, or timeshare, instead of staying in a hotel?  Often these rentals are either on the beach or near the beach, and are located in an area with many other beaches that have public access.  Florida and Southern New Jersey has many such areas.  However, my favorite choice for this type of beach vacation is… on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

family beach vacations 2There are usually a lot of other things to do in the area, so if the weather is not favorable, you have an alternative activity to keep the kids entertained.

But the best part about these family beach vacations is the variety of having different beaches to choose from.  That way the kids are less likely to get board, and they will find more places to explore and dig for treasure, and build sandcastles, as well as swim and snorkel along the shoreline.  We each have what is called a dry snorkel and it makes water activities so much more enjoyable!

Another great reason to take this style of beach vacation is that if one of the beaches is too crowded, you can just go a short distance to the next beach and may have a much less populated beach.  My family had this experience a few summers ago.  We were taking our oldest off to college in Albany, New York and decided to turn it into a little mini-family vacation.

So, after we dropped him off at school, we continued to drive another three hours and went to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  We got a great little hotel room in Hyannis, and drove a little further to a popular beach.  I mean popular!  The parking area was full, but we were able to drive along a little further and went to Mayflower Beach, in Dennis, MA.  It was so beautiful, words can’t describe it.  But I’ll try.

family beach vacations 3The water is very shallow for a long way out, which means little babies, can sit in the water with their parents and splash and play.  Bigger kids as well as grown-ups can walk and walk with their ankles to knees only getting wet.  Then, you can get in the ocean up to and over your head and swim and snorkel and float and relax.  It is beautiful.  I’ve posted some photos from that trip.

Finally, I like these family beach vacations because they give the family a lot of freedom and choice.  As I have said earlier in this article, these beach destinations tend to be in areas that are a little more populated, which can be both good and bad.  The good far outweighs the bad.  The bad part is that the beaches may be a little more populated than some of the more secluded ones.  This can be a good thing too.

family beach vacations 4Populated areas tend to have more things that are important to family vacationers, like a Wal-Mart and grocery store for example.  If you need extra diapers, or if your teenager ran out of batteries for their electronics, these stores can come in quite handy.  Also, overall, these kinds of family beach vacations can end up being more economical than the traditional one-beach-resort style.

I hope you enjoyed this article.  Feel free to post a comment (button found below the title of this article) – I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with your own family beach vacations.

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