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Family Cruises

by Dana Ward on Apr 01, 2009 1

family cruisesA popular trend in the family vacation is becoming family cruises.

Recently millions of families have discovered what a great choice a cruise is for their family trip.  There are many reasons why this type of vacation has become so popular.

Families have more choices now than ever with cruise lines catering specifically to families, such as the Disney Cruise Line, but even the traditional cruise lines have become much more family friendly.

Cruises have incorporated family friendly activities both onboard and with port destinations that offer many kid friendly excursions.  Did you ever imagine you could take a cruise and go on land to Disney World, or The Kennedy Space Center or Sea World, just to name a few?

Why Family Cruises?

Another reason why family cruises have become so popular is because it offers the entire family the opportunity to set sail on the ocean when most families don’t own a boat, or have the opportunity to go on boats.  Combining the family vacation with a cruise fulfills this desire.  There is a lot of information on cruise Tips available to help you decide if family cruises are right for you.

It combines boating with travel and different destinations, or ports of call.  The old views of cruise ships being boring and for old people seem to have evaporated.  Now cruises are being thought of by families as a great vacation that is safe and filled with lots of different activities that appeal to all ages.

Of course, the fact that the meals and most of the on-board activities are included in the price really appeals to most families, especially in these tough economic times.  A cruise is a great value for the budget dollar.

family cruises 3Since we as humans are all individuals, it’s possible that some members of your family may not be sure if they would enjoy a cruise.  I urge you to take a family cruise anyway.

Chances are they are going to love it!  It is a vacation where they can meet other kids their age, and have quite a bit more independence than they would on a traditional family vacation.  This is because you are at sea, and it is a relatively safe environment.

Kids Activities on Family Cruises

There are supervised activities and the kid’s just love being able to separate from the parents and do their own thing with kids their ages.  Did you know some cruise ships even have an arcade and a teen disco?

Most cruise ships have activities for the very young kids as well.  These are safe activities supervised by qualified staff.  Of course, the parents are welcome to stop by at any time and the staff can get in touch you mom and dad as well, if they should need to.

With the kids happily off having fun, Mom and Dad can enjoy some of the adult activities such as the onboard Casino, Bingo, swimming, or just sunbathing out by the pool.  Many cruise ships have adult’s only pool areas as well.  This gives the parents a break, sort of like a vacation within a vacation.

There are so many different family cruises to choose from, I’m sure you will find one that will fit with your families criteria – enjoy!

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