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Take Those Family Fun Vacations Now!

by Dana Ward on Mar 02, 2009 0

family fun vacations The economy may be a challenge, but I urge you to still take those family fun vacations now!  Let’s look at the big picture.

For most of us the bills will always be there, but the kids being home won’t.  Before you know it they will be off to college, and then married and vacationing with their own children.

The memories you make with your children now will be something you all will have for a lifetime.

Depending on your individual situation, you may have to scale back, but don’t completely cut it out of the budget.  Maybe you can’t take an international month long trip all over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.

This article is about exploring the possibilities of how you can still take those family fun vacations with just a little imagination.

Planning Family Fun Vacations

First, look at a realistic budget.  How can you get the most with your leisure dollar?

Were you already planning on a vacation, but need to scale back?  If that is the case, consider adapting your plans.

Although there are  Great Deals on Orlando Getaways, Can you still get to your destination by another means, such as drive instead of fly, or go by train?   Is there an alternative plan offered at the hotel or resort, such as a, “meals included,” or even an, “all-inclusive” resort?  Can you still go to the same destination, but stay at a more budget friendly hotel?

Walt Disney World has a huge range of options for their guests to accommodate many different budgets, for example.  family fun vacations The point here is that you can still get to have the vacation – after all, the guests that stay in the most expensive hotel in Walt Disney World are spending their days waiting in line for the same rides as the guests staying in the least expensive room Disney offers.

Think about it.  Along those lines, another way you may be able to tweak out that vacation is with prioritizing your wants.  Say you really wanted to stay at the luxury hotel, but now the price is out of your range – don’t give up!  Consider booking that hotel for less nights than originally planned, to make it fit into your price range.

Another thought is to alter the destination for those family fun vacations.  Just because it is a family vacation, don’t get locked into the mentality that it has to be Disney Land, or a kid destination like that.  These are memories you are making, and the bottom line is the most precious thing you can give your children is you – your time.

Family Fun Vacations – Not Just for the Kids

Family fun vacations are often thought of as going to amusement parks or theme parks, such as Six Flags or Disneyland, and they are great.   family fun vacationsA lot of these parks also cater to the adults and those who are not as physically fit as the kids.

My family always loved going to Cedar Point, which is a huge roller coaster park in Sandusky, Ohio, USA.  The kids are crazy for coasters, but I don’t do those rides.  This park has a great area for young kids, so we would split up, and I would take my daughter to play in the Berenstain Bear’s Tree house, while the boys went off with their Dad to ride the big roller coasters.

When Grandma and Grandpa would join us, they had places to go too.  There are shops and shows in air conditioning that was very pleasing to them.  Many of these amusement parks and theme parks are often associated with some lower cost places to stay onsite or nearby.  Consider staying at a K-O-A campground, or renting a camper; many parks offer low cost areas and hookups for you to stay.

family fun vacations Do a little research.  Often there are fun places to go to right in your area.  Network.  Ask the kids’ teachers for suggestions.  Call up the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts and ask them for suggestions within “X” amount of miles, or hours from your home.

You would be surprised at how helpful people will be.  Oh, and another suggestion is to call up your local library.  Just ask.  Of course, friends and neighbors are always willing to offer suggestions, as well as opinions on where to go for those family fun vacations.

Finally, just remember with a little imagination you can come up with something to do to create a vacation packed full of priceless memories.  Even if you need to choose the no-cost option – do it.  By that, I mean, camping in the back yard.

Play games, sing songs, get silly!  If you have a camera, by all means bring it – and use it!  Let the kids take turns snapping pictures too.  And enjoy those family fun vacations!

PS- I’d love to hear about your family fun vacations – just click on the comments button under the title of this article to share.

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