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A Great Family Trip

by Dana Ward on Mar 03, 2009 0

family tripThere are several “ingredients” that go into making a great family trip.

Think of your trip like a recipe.  What do you need to have a successful, fun, experience?

Well, I’ll tell you.  The answer is this: people, places, and things.

People you love, places to see, and things to do.

Have you ever considered going on vacation with both your children and your parents?

Recently this has been the case with our family, and it is wonderful!

I’m sure when children are younger, having extra adults splits the responsibility and that makes the trip more enjoyable for the adults.

Moms and Dads get some free time, and Grandma and Grandpa get more time with the grandkids, as well as the grownups getting to spend more time with each other away from the usual places, like at each other’s homes.

When my kids became teenagers we discovered this type of family trip.

The memories made and time spent is priceless!  I can’t say enough good things about the scenario.

Going on a family trip gives where you go a whole new perspective.  You see the places you visit through the eyes of your children, as well as being able to relate the experience with your parents.

Maybe you parents will tell you their memories of when they took you on a family vacation when you were young.

This also gives your children the opportunity to hear these stories, too, which creates a special bond.

When you go on a family vacation with kids and grandparents it’s important to pick a destination that will have enough things to do and appeal to all ages.

This can be tricky.  Sometimes you may have to consider special needs, such as will there be a lot of walking involved, for example.

As I’ve said, we started doing this when the kids were teenagers.

What is nice about this type of vacation is being able to split off into different groups, then meeting back later (say, for lunch, or dinner) and talking about all you saw and did.

I strongly suggest whenever taking a family vacation to a theme park that you stay at a hotel on the property.

There are many advantages to this, which can take up an entire article on its own, so I’ll save that for another day.

But, what I wanted to mention is that we had the funniest thing happen with Grandma when we went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida.

Outside of the Mummy ride they had men on stilts dressed up like Egyptian guys and they wouldn’t talk, but would mingle with the crowd.

Sprinkled through out this article is what happened when my mother met up with one of these dudes.

This Family Trip was Hilarious!

Hope you enjoy the series and hope it encourages you to have your own great family trip – just like ours was.

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