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Family Vacation Destinations – Part 2

by Dana Ward on May 11, 2009 0

Summer family vacation destinations can be a difficult subject to master.

There are lots of vacation destinations to consider taking your family to.

Many of these places call themselves “family friendly,” but not all of them actually are.

If you are the parent you are probably in charge of planning the perfect summer vacation destination for your loved ones.

To plan family vacation destinations around the kids can seem hard, but it is common problem with parents.  We all have been through it!  I’m sure if you ask your friends you will learn of lots of stories other parents went through when planning their family vacation destinations.  With a little ingenuity you can figure out a vacation that all of your family members will enjoy.

For example, if you want to take a beach family vacation, but your preschooler does not know how to swim, you could enroll your child in a swim class prior to vacation time.  Clubs such as the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America are a good place to start looking to find toddler swim classes being offered.  Doing this not only will help everyone enjoy the same activity, but it will give you, the parent, a little more piece of mind.  A parent should always have safety as one of their top concerns.

More Family Vacation Destinations

Other great family vacation destinations are camping and state parks.  Camping is an outdoor activity that is healthy, popular, and relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to a theme park family vacation.  With camping the difference in the kid’s ages is not as important as with other family vacation destinations.  There are also a lot of activities the kids can all do together even if the range of ages is large.

Some activities the whole family can participate in are fishing, swimming, boating, and exploring the wilderness.  There are other outdoor sports such as volleyball, tag football, and bicycling, just to name a few.  Camping near water is a great idea.  Water spots like lakes, ponds, and streams offer additional activities than just camping in the great outdoors does.  When you camp near water you have the added benefit of cooling off by taking a quick dip in the water.

Although camping is one of the great family vacation destinations, it should be noted that families with toddlers may want to take extra precautions with the little ones.  Young children are quick and it is harder to chase after them in such an open environment.  Don’t let them wander off; help is farther away than at a theme park.

Taking pictures of the family is one constant no matter what or where your family chooses to take a trip.  The images taken will last long after the suntan fades.  Don’t forget to take a picture of Mom, or whoever in your family tends to be the photographer.  Get them out from behind the camera and snap a picture of them at your chosen vacation spot.

We have examined vacation choices such as amusement parks, state parks, and campgrounds as great summer family vacation destinations.  These are great choices, but they are not the only choices available.  Even if your vacation travels include children you can still pick the vacation destination of your choice.  Just use your best judgment.  With a little bit of time and research, you can achieve a dream family vacation.  When you choose to book at any of these family vacation destinations, your family will enjoy a great fun time together.

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