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Family Vacation Destinations – Part 1

by Dana Ward on May 05, 2009 0

family vacation destinationsFamily vacation destinations are different from regular vacations because of the kid factor.  Rather than picking a cheap vacation that would give the grownups fun and excitement, you have to keep in mind the whole families needs.

This can be done if you aim for a summer vacation destination that fits the ages of your kids.  Some vacation activities are geared toward a specific age group.

Keep this in mind when making your summer plans.  I say to put the kid’s ages number one on your list for this reason.  The kids grow up so fast and age specific activities don’t wait.

Family vacation destinations help create lasting memories long after the kids are grown up.

How To Choose Family Vacation Destinations

With so many different choices available, it is hard to decide on the type of family vacation to plan.  Should you go for the theme park vacation, or perhaps a beach vacation?  Choosing the type of vacation is the first step.  The next step is to choose the destination for your family vacation.

Do a little research regarding family vacation destinations to find out which places accommodate children well.  For example, although a destination may have a wonderful beach, if it caters to college spring break young adults, it may not be the best choice for your family vacation destination.

Places such as amusement parks are known for catering to families.  This may be a good choice for your family.  There are chain amusement parks such as the Disney Theme Parks, and smaller parks, local to your state.  If you are looking for a short vacation, a local smaller park may be a good choice for you.  If you are looking for major family vacation destinations, then the big theme parks may be best choice.

Family Vacation Destinations – Theme Parks

The Disney resorts are an example of a great choice because they have several different parks all within the same vicinity.  Discounts are offered for multi-day tickets.  Special deals are also offered that allow you to go between the different parks.  I like this option in the summer because the larger parks often have a water park associated with them.  With a multi-park ticket you can go to the water park to cool down mid-day, and then return to the main park later in the afternoon and evening.

Another bonus of choosing these larger theme parks for your family vacation destinations is that they usually have a hotel on the property.  This makes it easier to get inside the park with a family.  You also save time and gas by not having to drive from an off site hotel to the amusement vacation destinations 2

Many theme parks offer special services and amenities to their guests who stay at an on site hotel.  Some of the more famous theme parks that fall into this category are Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, and Epcot.

“Family friendly” is one of the things amusement parks are known for.  Most offer lots of attractions and rides that are appropriate for different ages.  Many of these family vacation destinations have other activities for those unable to participate in attractions and rides.  People watching and shopping are two activities my elderly grandmother loves to do at these parks.

This way she gets to still be with the family, and she can have her own type of fun as well.  Even famous big-time roller coaster amusement parks such as Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio, USA, have something to offer everyone.  The toddlers have a little park to play in. The little kids have mini versions of the big time roller coasters.  There are also entertainment shows (inside with air conditioning!) as well as souvenir shopping and restaurants to get refreshed.

The choices for family vacation destinations vary so much between type, location, and price, that you are sure to find one that suits your family’s style and budget – read more about this in Part 2 of the series.

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