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Family Vacation Ideas In The Northeast

by Dana Ward on Apr 14, 2010 0

family vacation ideasThere are many great family vacation ideas in the northeast to consider when planning your next family vacation.  The best part is you don’t even have to give up the dream of a great beach – there are plenty of wonderful beaches to explore along the United States East Coast.

From the nostalgic beaches of the Jersey Shore to the Pristine beaches of Maine, the options are plentiful.  So, when planning summer recess, consider switching out the cliche Sunshine State of Florida for a different experience.  Depending on where you live, traveling to one of the family vacation ideas in the northeast can be easier and less expensive than getting down south.

An advantage to vacationing in the northeast is that there is often so much more to do than just enjoy the beautiful seashore.  The quaint New England towns offer travelers a lot to see and do. Why is the northeast such a great idea for leisure time?

Family Vacation Ideas are Plentiful

If outdoor activities are your thing, enjoy cycling, or hiking, for example.  Explore Acadia National Park by bicycle.  The park was built by John D. Rockefeller in the 1930’s and is a great experience.  Or, consider hiking the Rail Trail, which is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore Park.  There are other less strenuous activities to do outside, such as my personal favorite, whale watching.  (Check out the post, Whale Watching Video, which has been updated to include video and photos.)

This is an adventure for the whole family, and can be done from several different locations, which is a bonus.  You could drive out to Provincetown, MA, which is at the end of Cape Cod, and get a tour from there, or you can get a tour from Gloucester, MA, north of Boston, MA, for example.

More Family Vacation Ideas

If Theme Parks are what your family is all about, then make sure you visit Six Flags New England, in Springfield, MA.  A lesser known amusement park in the northeast is in New Hampshire and is called, Canobie Lake Park.  It is located in Salem, NH.  If you are going to be in the general vicinity of this park it is a fun place to visit.

Summertime can also be fun learning time.  While visiting the northeast and New England you will be immersed in our country’s history.  There are many museums and landmarks to visit.  Some are little curiosities you may pass on the side of the road; these are fun to just stop by and investigate without prior planning.  Some of the best family vacation memories happen this way.  Also, the benefit to vacationing in an area with such rich history is that if the weather turns inclement, there will still be many family activities to do.

This is just a brief overview of the many family vacation ideas in the northeast – enjoy your trip and especially enjoy making those precious memories with your family!

How to find the best Family Vacation Ideas

Asking friends and family to suggest places they have enjoyed with their families is a great place to start when considering what to do with your time off.  They will be candid and trust worthy.  Listen carefully because sometimes it’s what is not said is just as important as what is said.  Ask questions.

What activities does your crew like to do?  Are they active or do they just want to relax and do nothing?  Another great source to question is your co-workers.  Are you involved in any community groups or religious organizations?  Do your kids belong to any clubs or sports teams?  Just ask.  People love to share their family vacation ideas.

PS – If you are considering staying  on Cape Cod, MA, visit for more family vacation ideas.

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