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Family Vacation Videos

One of the best souvenirs I take back from every trip are the  family vacation videos.

Taking videos while on vacation has become so convenient and simple thanks in part to a great product called  The Flip Video Camera.

Many digital cameras also take videos, but in general, the quality suffers because the primary design of a camera is to take still photographs.  Since the Flip has come on the market the quality issue is solved.  No longer do travelers have to lug around a bulky movie camera in addition to their picture camera.

The Flip video camera comes in many different styles and specs.  You might be surprised at how great the quality of your family vacation videos will be coming from this little gadget!

Another benefit to this camera is the ease of use.  It is so simple to use the kids will have no trouble learning how to use it.

flip video cameraThe breakthrough feature of the Flips is the method that you get your videos off of the camera and onto your computer.  There is a USB interface tucked neatly away on the side of the case.

When you are ready to download your videos simply push a button and the USB interface pops up.  Plug the camera directly into your computer with this connection and the included software will download all of your videos to your computer.  No more wires to mess about with!

Once your family vacation videos are downloaded you can easily upload them to the Internet and share with your family or the world.

I whole-heartedly recommend the Flip Video Camera as the camera of choice to capture all of your family vacation videos.


PS – You can get a FREE Accessory with purchase of the Flip Video Camera.  Click on the link below for more information.