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Fun Weekend Getaways – A Planning Guide

by Dana Ward on Aug 06, 2010 0

fun weekend getawaysThe key to great fun weekend getaways is proper planning.  Choose your destination wisely.

First and foremost travel time should be considered when planning your trip.  Since you are escaping for a short time – perhaps a long weekend or mid-week getaway – limit the amount of time you will spend getting to and from your destination.

Putting a travel time limit on your trip plans will help you narrow down the many weekend getaway choices available.

If you are going to be traveling by car, consider limiting your search for fun weekend getaways to a maximum number of miles away from home.  A rough way to estimate travel time is to calculate fifty miles for each hour.  So, if you don’t want to be in the car more than two hours, then look into fun spots less than 100 miles from home.

Consider when you and your family will be leaving for your little trip.  Often fun weekend getaways begin on Friday right after a full work day.  Do you want to drive all night to reach your destination?  Probably not!  Keep in mind the key word here is, “fun.”  Fun and stress don’t usually get along together.  Keeping your destination within a reasonable distance will your family to arrive less tired and allow more time for enjoying your getaway.

Planning Fun Weekend Getaways

The next thing to consider when planning fun weekend getaways is to match the activity with time of year.  Sometimes it’s great to visit a hot spot during peek season.  Visiting the northeast during autumn to take in the gorgeous fall foliage is an example of planning a weekend getaway during peek season.  However, sometimes the most fun weekend getaways are planned for the off season.  Did you know many summer tourist spots remain open in the fall?

Some of our family’s best getaways were during the off season.  A tip for making the most of an off-season trip is to plan your visit during a holiday weekend that falls during the destination’s regular slow time.  Many of the attractions open simply because it is a holiday weekend and want to take advantage of the influx of visitors.  Hotel rates are usually lower during the off season.  We went to Provincetown, MA for Thanksgiving and had a great time.  The colorful shops and restaurants were all open and it was memorable to experience the beach with a cool nip in the air.

With a little planning and creativity you too will discover fun weekend getaways perfect for your family.

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