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Consider A Honeymoon Vacation In St. Thomas

by Dana Ward on Mar 29, 2009 0

honeymoon vacationPlanning a honeymoon vacation?  First of all, congratulations, on you’re engagement!  Now comes the fun part – getting to plan for the wedding and honeymoon.

Planning a wedding is fun but is also time consuming.  Emotions run wild and your lives are about to change forever.

That is why it is important to plan for and choose a honeymoon destination that will allow you and your fiancé to wind down and get away from all of the craziness that goes into preparing to wed.

This time should be focused on just the two of you and relaxing and enjoying the love you have for on another.

Which Honeymoon Vacation is Best?

The best honeymoon vacation is the one that fits all of the requirements you and your fiance choose.  I suggest taking some time from your busy wedding plans to make a list of what you want in this trip.  Is destination your top priority?  Perhaps budget is the most important issue.  If time away is an issue, choose a destination that is closer to where you live.  That way you will spend more time at your destination than in traveling to and from your destination.

A popular destination is the Caribbean, and within the Caribbean you will find the Island of St. Thomas.

This beautiful destination is located in the Virgin Islands, which has a warm tropical climate and incredible weather to enjoy sunbathing, water sports, or just napping under a palm tree.

Since St. Thomas is such a popular honeymoon vacation, getting a reservation can be a little difficult.  If your wedding date is during the more popular months, this can add to the challenge of obtaining a reservation – especially if you want to stay at the better resorts.

Remember, St. Thomas is one of the most popular spots for vacationers in the world.  You have planned your wedding so carefully, just include your honeymoon with the other details and you should get just what you want.  But, if you put off the planning of the honeymoon until after all of the wedding details are completed, you may be disappointed, and have to settle for your second choice of destination, or resort.

So why is St. Thomas such a popular destination?  There are many reasons people love to take their vacations there.  Of course, the weather is great, but what is also wonderful is the beautiful scenery in St. Thomas.  The last time I was in St. Thomas, what struck me as being so pretty were actually the views from the water, looking onto the landscape.

We took a short boat ride around part of the island to do some snorkeling and the scenery of the shoreline struck me as picture-perfect.  Of course, having your spouse, your soul-mate, at your side to enjoy the scenery together even adds to its beauty.

Honeymoon Vacation Considerations

An important item to consider when choosing your honeymoon vacation, whether it is in St. Thomas, or anywhere, is regarding the other guests.  Although you may love children and want some of your own, on your honeymoon may not be the best time to hang around with kids.

So, check if the hotel or resort caters to kids, or just the opposite, may have an age restriction; that may help you decide which resort to choose.  After all, being near a brother and sister screaming over the shovel and sand bucket may not be the ideal scenario for a romantic getaway.  Another bonus to finding a hotel that caters to adults is that often they are catering to couples.  This gives a higher percentage of guests that are also on their honeymoon.

You will probably meet other couples who were married on the same day as you.  It makes for a nice honeymoon vacation to meet acquaintances that have so much in common with each other.  Another amenity these hotels often offer is private Jacuzzi tubs and romantic ocean views.

Image credit: Patrick Moore for honeymoon vacation in St Thomas

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