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A variety of camera and video equipment is used to produce the images on

The Canon Rebel DSLR is my camera of choice, however many other non-DSLR cameras produce great results.

Recently I had the pleasure of using one of these newer cameras.  The one I tried out is the Nikon CoolPix.  The images produced were impressive and the camera was comfortable to handle.

As for the sporting and travel cameras – I use the Olympus Stylus SW
camera.  I highly recommend anyone serious about the outdoors and travel pick up one of these little cameras.  They are durable and waterproof to a certain depth.  That particular camera also has video recording capabilities.

Speaking of recording, I have to say, I think the traditional video camcorder may have something to worry about since the introduction of  The Flip video camera series.  These little video recording devices have a lot going for them.  Their size makes them easy to bring along in a pocket or handbag.

Their simple ease of use is terrific for the average person.  Perhaps the best benefit to this little video camera is the method to transfer the videos to the computer.  It is called a flip camera because there is a built in USB plug into the camera.  Just hit a button and the USB port “flips” out and simply plug it into your computer to download.  Easy!  And the video quality is impressive.