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Lake Powell… Utah’s Beach!

by Kody Carling on May 17, 2012 0

Whale Watching here? No but we do Coyote watch here! Also look out for Rattle Snakes…  This is Lake Powell, and this is the closest thing to a beach vacation as we can get here in Utah. Do you like our hotel room? This is the Milky Way.  My family has had a time share on this house boat since I can remember. No air conditioning, but people do not go to Lake Powell to keep cool. We go there to get tanned and burned!

The majority of my family vacations growing up has been here at Lake Powell. I love to swim, water ski, and cliff jump into the water. There are also many Indian ruins you drive you boat right up to see. Also a must to check out at Lake Powell is the Rainbow Bridge.

You will not find any seashells,”ill-tempered sea bass”,or “sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads”. You will be lucky to find a rainbow trout in these waters. There is an abundance of Stripped bass. You will also find Small and Large mouth Bass, and loads of Catfish. I do not think people noodle for the Catfish here though.

When we take the Milky Way out for a vacation, we usually go for about a week. There is a small fridge on board so we rely on our coolers and dry ice to keep the rest of the food cool. My favorite night is the “live off the land night” This is the night where we eat fresh Stripped bass, and Catfish. We diffidently bread the fish and fry it! Fish Fry with ho-maid maid  french fries,tartar sauce, and fry sauce. ; this dinner is seriously the best meal of the trip, but not the healthiest…

Lake Powell is one of the reasons I love to Live in Utah. There are so many vacation sites here. I would definitely recommended a Lake Powell family vacation if you have never been.  There are houseboats you can rent, but renting a speed boat and tent camping is a choice also. You will have fun.  I guarantee it!

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