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How to Choose a Mexican Family Vacation

by Dana Ward on Mar 21, 2009 1

mexican family vacationA Mexican family vacation is a smart choice.  There are many benefits to choosing this vacation destination.

Before we go any further, let’s address the reputation some Mexican vacation destinations have.

Yes, it’s true that some areas are popular with the partying spring break college crowd.  But it is equally true that there are a lot of family friendly vacation spots in Mexico that a family can choose from.  Some have special activities designed towards specific age groups from toddlers to teenagers.

These two very different classes of tourists are not mutually exclusive.  What I mean is there are Mexican resort towns that accommodate both groups of tourists well. 

Mexican Family Vacation Packages

And, luckily, it is possible to find vacation packages that are all inclusive, or even choose a resort that is all inclusive.  When traveling with a family this is a great choice.  There is no substitute for a well-qualified travel agent; however, this article is here to jump-start you and your Internet research.

There are a lot of resorts and attractions to choose from, each with unique reasons to book.  Below is a summary of some of the better choices of areas and activities to choose from when going on a Mexican family vacation.

There is a Theme park on along the Mayan Riviera and it is called Xcaret.  It is more than a Theme park because it is actually a family resort.  The Xcaret Theme Park Resort can be found in Cancun, Mexico.

Some people have compared this Theme Park to Disneyland and Disney World because of the great attractions and rides they have.  One attraction Xcaret has that Disney doesn’t is an underground river.  It is an amazing sight to see all of the incredible tropical plants along the river.  Plants aren’t the only exotic things you will see, because there are also exotic and wild animals.

Cozumel – A Popular Mexican Family Vacation

Other great things to see and do are to visit the coral reef aquarium and enjoy the butterfly pavilion.  But best of all, you have a chance to swim with dolphins!  I have done this twice in my life – once with my husband, and once with my daughter; it is an amazing, incredible experience!  If there is only one thing you can do on your vacation, I totally recommend you do the swim with dolphins.  Be warned though; spots are limited and you need to book in advance at almost every dolphin swim available to tourists.

Another really popular Mexican family vacation destination is Cozumel.  mexican family vacation - sandcastleThis is because it has activities, as well as attractions, that cater to visitors of all ages, from young children through senior citizens.

As a mother, I like Cozumel for another reason – that is, Cozumel has an extremely low crime rate.  Now let’s get back to the fun stuff.  The coral reefs off of this beautiful beach town are gorgeous.  It can be a unique out of classroom learning experience for the kids, too.

If the idea of taking the kids snorkeling and or scuba diving, then I suggest you choose Cozumel over Cancun.  If you have read some of my other articles, you know I’m a big fan of all-inclusive vacations.  In Cozumel you can find some great values in this type of resort.

If you have ever taken a growing child on vacation, you know how much they drink while they are out playing in the hot sun. They work up big appetites too. This can set the budget back really quick.  By going to an all-inclusive resort, or at least a vacation destination that offers a meal plan is a great way to go.  Don’t worry – there is still a lot of flexibility with these plans and resorts.

Some resorts offer outdoor activities on site, such as learn-to-dance parties and daily craft activities that reflect the culture.  I hope you enjoy your Mexican family vacation and leave a comment for all of us to read about how much fun you had!

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