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Mountain Cabin Rental – An Intimate Choice

by Dana Ward on Apr 23, 2009 0

If you are looking for an intimate and private vacation destination, consider a mountain cabin rental.  Every summer many people migrate to the major vacation destinations.  mountain cabin rental

More often than not, these destinations include costal beaches.  That seems like the ideal vacation to many, and if they don’t care about privacy, it may be fine.

But whether or not you are with your family or friends, or looking for a romantic getaway with your significant other, a mountain cabin rental may be the better choice for you.

Costal cottages and mountain cabin rentals have a lot in common.  The main difference is their location.  The name is an interesting concept too.

These two shelters are basically the same thing, but at the coast they are called cottages, and in the mountains they are called cabins.  Mountain cabin rentals are big in the United States.  This is probably because they are a popular and versatile.

Cabins provide a variety of environments for vacationers from a private romantic environment to a safe and fun vacation spot.

Why A Mountain Cabin Rental?

Although the majority of mountain cabin rentals are private, where they are located is often near familiar attractions.  These popular hotspots sometimes are even walking or hiking distance from the cabins.  There are often natural attractions surrounding the rental units such as lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds.

Walking, hiking, and biking trails are popular and abundant in these areas.  Of course the attractions differ from location to location.

As the name suggests, these mountain cabin rentals can be found on the mountain ranges.  Many of the states within the United States have these mountain ranges including Colorado, Idaho, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming.

Finding the best summer vacation mountain destination is as simple as doing a little research about the individual state’s particular mountain ranges to find out the rental availability.  More family vacation ideas can be found in the Northeast of the USA.

Mountain Cabin Rental Amenities

Once your destination is chosen, you need to pick a specific type of cabin and specific area.  Many of these areas seem the same; however, it is important to research their specific amenities.

Luckily many have extensive websites that show the interior of the cabins and list the amenities as well as area attractions.  Don’t assume the resort has everything!  For example, if you desire to go canoeing, make sure the facility has the equipment to use or available for rent before booking the cabin.

Other items to make sure are included in the mountain cabin rental is a bathroom.  Believe it or not, some do not have a bathroom inside each individual cabin.  Another item to double check is that the sheets and blankets are included with the rental.

Remember, this is a different style of summer vacation and with that comes some unique challenges.  Make sure this is what you want, and enjoy the privacy of a mountain cabin rental.

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