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Packing Checklist

by Dana Ward on Feb 28, 2009 0

packing checklistA packing checklist is a simple yet important part of every trip or vacation.

Whether you are a small or large family, with small children or teenagers, or only one or two adults, this checklist can be adapted to fit your needs.

Use the checklist as a guideline to help you remember everything from the basic necessities to all of your specific individual items.

It’s important to note that the focus of this list is to offer basic groups of items needed for a warm climate vacation.  Each category has room to add your own additional items.  There is blank space on each page for you to write any notes you may have in one convenient place.

Packing Checklist Items

Let’s Begin with luggage.  Make sure you are bringing a case that is appropriate to the type of travel and destination you are planning.  I prefer wheeled luggage.  The newest style of wheeled luggage is called, “Spinner.”  This is because four wheels replace the older two wheeled style.  Having four wheels allows the case to “spin” in a 360° direction.  Another benefit of wheeled cases is they are easier on the back than older versions and especially bags that have to be carried.

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Of course it is important to have luggage that works with you rather than against you.  Bring luggage that is functional and multi-purpose.   Consider how you will be traveling.  If you will be taking taxi cabs to get to the airport or board your cruise, make sure your gear will fit!

Don’t let the idea of getting new luggage get in the way of packing properly for your trip.  This is your vacation.  Proper luggage can make the difference between setting a pleasant tone for your adventure, or it can make it seem more like work than your job.  There are some great luggage deals online.  If you have a need, factor the item into your vacation budget and make your trip a relaxing, memorable experience.

If you would like to add items to the list just leave a comment or contact me.  I’d love to hear about your experiences with travel and the items you brought or wish you had brought!

Packing Checklist Categories

The categories within the packing checklist are broken down by logical organization.  What I mean by that is there is the categories that might look like duplicates and get missed will be broken out.  For example, if the checklist just had, “shorts” on the list, you might pack shorts for the kids, but you might not have shorts for yourself.  So, you will see “shorts” in several categories – Men, Women, Kids – for example.

As you read through the categories and items on the list you may see some items that seem strange to be included on a vacation packing checklist.  For example, under the “Essentials” category  you will find “ or strapping tape.”  The reason for this is two-fold.  First, often while on excursions you may do a little shopping in the local villages and find an item you have to bring home, but the container is questionable at best.  Having duct tape will reinforce the box or container and give you piece of mind when bringing the purchase back home.  Duct tape is also recommended to have in case of fire.  (Read post on travel safety.)  Did you know duct tape comes in a miniature travel size?

Another item you might not think include when packing is “Dryer Sheets.”  Put dryer sheets in your suitcase to make your clothes smell fresh.  Once you arrive at your destination keep a sheet in your suitcase and another in the hotel dresser drawer along with your clothes.  Did you know another use for dryer sheets in cold climates is to reduce shocks from static electricity?

Bringing a Night Light with you on vacation may seem a little strange but think about it…  You are in a strange environment and often hotels and resorts have thick black-out curtains for their guests’ comfort.  This helps you sleep, but it makes the room quite dark.  Combine that with unfamiliar furniture placement and you may end up with a stubbed toe.  Bring a small night light and avoid any bumps in the night.

Ziploc style closure plastic bags can become your best friend on a trip when the unexpected happens.  Accidents happen and zip closure bags can contain leaks.  Larger sizes are available and come in useful when transporting wet swimsuits.  That ZipLoc bag may make the difference between getting that one last swim in before heading back to the airport or cruise ship or not.

I hope this Packing Checklist helps you have an easier time getting ready for your trip and make the most out of your vacation once at your destination.

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