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Pugent Sound

by Kody Carling on May 17, 2012 0

I know what you are thinking! This does not look like a typical beach. No white sand, and no blue water! Does it look warm? No, but this is my kind of beach vacation! What you are looking at is the ocean in Seattle Washington. Ocean you say? Do not say you are at the ocean here to locals. The locals will be quick to remind you that you are at the Pugent Sound.

Now I am from Utah, so salt water and dolphins tell me the Pugent Sound is the ocean. We have the Great Salt Lake in Utah, and I know there are no dolphins or sharks there.

If you have never been to Seattle, this is a must vacation spot. There are so many things to do in Seattle, and it is not the typical beach vacation spot. I have never seen more pine trees in a city! It is so beautiful, and there is fresh seafood everywhere! That’s right seafood/ocean food, not Pugent Sound food even though it came from the Pugent Sound.  As you can see I was corrected a ton during the vacation by Seattle locals. I know their city so I will let the Seattle locals say what ever they want. It was so much fun to walk down the pebble peaches and pickup Pugent Sound shells…I mean seashells with my family.

I am a huge baseball fan so of course I was able to see a game.  The Mariners lost to the White Sox. White Sox pitcher, Philip Humber pitched a perfect game against the Mariners.  I pitched when I played baseball so seeing a game like this is every pitchers dream.

Another must see in Seattle is the Pike Place Market! Awesome! That word sums it up! Except for the Gum wall… That was so disgusting. I loved walking down the market and smelling the fresh flowers for sell. There were all sorts of fresh Pugent Sound food…I mean seafood. I was able to catch a fish thrown at me, and I tossed it back.  I had to wash my hands with a bottle of hand sanitizer afterwards, but the experience was worth it.

I hope that this article is making you want to visit the Pugent Sound.  I loved it, and will be returning as many times as I am able.  Seattle is a pretty city. We are very lucky to have a city like Seattle in America!

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