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Slimming Swimwear

by Dana Ward on Feb 07, 2011 0

slimming swimwearSlimming swimwear is different from regular bathing suits in the design and materials used.  These suits can be considered a specialty item since they are created for a specific need and group of people, usually women.

As with any garment, style and comfort have to be a major part of the design.  Nowadays the materials available to swimsuit manufacturers have increased.  The material needs to be breathable and dry quickly, yet maintain a firming stretch.  Premium nylon lycra elastane is one such material.

One of the most desirable features of slimming swimwear is a tummy control panel.  Therefore, most suits in this category incorporate this feature.  Of course, other parts of the bathing suit also incorporate control panels to maximize the overall shape.  Now that we’ve covered the construction of the garment, let’s look at how the design of the bathing suit look contributes to slimming swimwear.

Colors and prints, as well as cut and design style add a hint of slimming illusion.  These little tricks are long proven to fool the eye.  This sounds a little harsh, but it is a good thing.  After all, when a woman feels better about her appearance, it radiates out.

Three Slimming Swimwear Tricks

The shape of cut of swimwear can either enhance or detract from a woman’s figure.  Working with the shape she has is the key to a achieving a slimmer look.  Incorporating a cute little skirt to the bathing suit is a great camouflage.  Some womens bathing suits take the skirt concept a step farther and make it look like a dress.  A benefit of this style is comfort for the woman.  If she feels more comfortable in this style, it will show.

slimming swimwear 2Another design trick is to use shirring around the waist or hips.  Shirring is basically bunched up material.  It adds a looseness and flow to an area that may not be as attractive if a solid tight piece of cloth was use.

Finally, the color and print of the material is used to flatter.  Patterns that draw the eye in, up, and away are used to make the most attractive features. Pop.   For example, a bright design towards the core of the body flanked by black or dark solid side panels will make her appear slimmer.  For women who are heavier in the lower half of their body, patterns towards the top and dark solids towards the bottom help to give her a more balanced appearance.

Whatever your body type is, there is slimming swimwear created to make you look and feel your best.

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