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Spring Break Vacations

by Dana Ward on Jan 07, 2010 0

spring break vacationsThe new school semester is about to start and so are the Spring Break Vacations – at least the planning stages.  Not only is it not too early to start thinking about what beach to spend your holiday on, it is a great time to make your plans!

Spring Break Vacations are a College Tradition

From Ivy League Universities to local community colleges, spring break vacations are a college tradition.  So keep that in mind when making your plans.

Hotels in popular warm weather spots fill up fast.  Airline reservations become harder to book the closer you get to your travel date, and of course, price is always a factor.  So, to get the best travel deal, start looking into vacation packages as early as possible.

Planning Spring Break Vacations

If you are going to be traveling with friends consider the possibility of one or more people dropping out of the plan.  This could effect your decision of what type of lodging to book.  If you consider renting a cottage or bungalow based upon occupancy of a certain number of people splitting the rent and some people drop out of the deal, you may forfeit your deposit and your Spring Break Vacation.

Another tip to consider especially for those traveling from areas that experience snow is to allow for extra time in between connections in case of weather related delays getting out of your area.  Tropical Vacations are a fun experience!  Study hard during the semester so that when it is time for vacation you can leave a little more relaxed and not have to worry about major papers, work, or exams left behind; just go and enjoy all the Spring Break Vacations have to offer and be safe!

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