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Summer Vacations

by Dana Ward on Mar 14, 2009 1

summer vacationsThere seems to be an unending list of summer vacations to choose from, so where do you begin? First, I suggest you make a list of your priorities.

What is most important to you – staying within a specific budget? Going somewhere that has activities for the kids, or maybe finding somewhere without a lot of children are tops on your list.  Whatever is important, write it down.

Then rank your criteria.  Mark items that are not flexible with the letter “A” for top priority.  Items that are flexible should be marked with the letter “B.”  Finally, items that would be nice, but you could still enjoy your vacation without should be marked with the letter “C.”

Choosing Your Summer Vacations

The next step in choosing your summer vacations is to walk away from that list.  

Take a break.  Do something else.  This is an important step because it clears your mind.  Come back to the list either later in the day, or the next day, or even a week later.  Now you can approach the list with a fresh eye.  Look at the list and decide if the items you wrote down truly belong to that priority category (A-B-C.)  Make any adjustments you feel are appropriate.  Once that is done, look at your items marked with the letter “A.”  These are the items that will help you focus on choosing a trip that will work the best with you and your family’s individual situation.

summer vacations 2The beauty of this system is that you have created a focused plan on how to choose the vacation that will work for you.  For example, if budget is your number one priority, your search for vacation spots should include the actual word “budget.”  Then, if another lesser, yet important priority is to be on a beach, then that would be the next word to use in order to narrow down your search.  This goes on and on, until you have a focused short list of summer vacations.

Summer Vacations – The Short List

Let me share with you a personal story of how this system worked for me.  (And I’ll share some photos too.)  A long, long time ago I went to Hawaii and got to go whale watching.  It was an awesome, breathtaking experience.  Years later I had a daughter and wanted her to have that same amazing experience.

summer vacations 3So, one summer I used this system and – you guessed it – whale watching with my daughter was number one on the “A” list.  Budget, however, was also on the list.  We live on the east coast of the United States, so a trip to Hawaii was not in the budget.

I did some research and learned that whales can be seen off of the New England coast in the summer and whale watching tours are available.  Great!  I was able to achieve the number one item on the “A” list by compromising the “where” item.  Hawaii was a flexible item, so because budget was an “A” item and Hawaii was a “B” item, and therefore flexible, Hawaii was replaced with Cape Cod, and a great family vacation was had.

The memories are in my mind forever, but I can share some photos and video with you.

The list of great family vacation ideas is endless.  If this article helps you with planning your summer vacations or if you have any other ideas, please share them by clicking on the comments button above the title of this article and leaving a comment.

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