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Consider A Thanksgiving Vacation

by Dana Ward on Mar 18, 2009 0

thanksgiving vacationHave you ever thought of taking a Thanksgiving vacation?  Well, we did and it turned out to be a great idea.

You would be surprised to find that a lot of traditionally summer vacation spots that close in the fall will open for a few weekends during the off season, and Thanksgiving is one of those times.

We discovered that during a trip to New England one Thanksgiving.

Benefits of a thanksgiving Vacation

There are several benefits of taking a Thanksgiving vacation.  It is an opportunity to visit destinations that are either too crowded or expensive during their high season, as many places offer reduced rates for accommodations.  Plus, you get to enjoy the area without the crowds that invade during the summer months.  I personally like to go to places off season because they take on a whole different atmosphere.  The shop owners have more time and are more relaxed.  With that said, if you decide to strike up a conversation with the locals, you can have some really great insight into the area you are visiting.  Also, you may find out some places to visit or things to do that you normally wouldn’t know about during the high season.

Thanksgiving is a great time to visit places that you have been to on a previous summer vacation because you can compare how the area differs during the off months.  Also, since it is a return visit, you are already familiar with streets, shops, attractions, beaches, and the general vicinity.  This is a good time to revisit your favorite spots as well as to get to explore places you weren’t able to see or things you couldn’t do on your previous trip.

A Perfect Thanksgiving Vacation

Let me give you an example from my personal experience.  One summer we went to Cape Cod to do Whale Watching off of Provincetown.  It was a wonderful trip.  (See the article, “Summer Vacations” for some great photos and video of whales.)  Sometime after that we went back to Provincetown during the Thanksgiving vacation break from school that the kids had.  What a pleasant surprise!  Most of the shops were open and the atmosphere was so warm and friendly and alive.  My favorite memory of that trip was the town had set up the main boulevard with stacked lobster traps to look like a Christmas Tree and put red ribbons on it.  (See photo.)

I hope you decide to take a Thanksgiving vacation and please, click the comment button below the article title and share your stories with us!


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