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Travel Safety Tips – Hotel Fire Safety

by Dana Ward on Feb 27, 2009 0

It may not be the first thing on your list, but travel safety should be one of the most important things to consider.

There are many aspects of travel safety, including personal safety, money safety, street safety, and fire safety.

Whether vacationing in a Las Vegas high rise, a cottage style resort, or even a cruise ship, fire safety should be maintained.

Travel Safety – Check-In

Things to do upon arrival and check-in at your destination include:

  • Read the posted fire safety instructions in your room (usually posted on the back of the door)
  • Familiarize yourself with the posted escape route
  • Find the nearest stairwell and alternate stairwell
  • Count the number of doors from your room to the stairwell exits

In a fire you may not be able to see due to thick smoke.  If you find yourself crawling through a smoke filled corridor, feeling and counting doorways can be disorienting.  Knowing the number of doors between you and your exit could be the difference between safety and tragedy.

Its worth mentioning when considering a place to stay on your vacation to check out the hotel or resorts fire safety features and history.  Always make sure the property is up to code before booking your trip.  Does the facility have smoke alarms?  Is the structure protected with a fire sprinkler system?

Travel Safety – Hallway and Rooms

Once checked-in, get familiar with the safety features of your room and the common areas of the hotel.

  • Make note of the location of fire alarms in common spaces
  • Be sure your room has a working smoke detector
  • If windows can open, take a look at what is outside and make a mental note of a possible escape route
  • Keep your room key by the bedside
  • Always travel with a flashlight and keep it by the bedside

There are two scenarios to consider if you are involved in a hotel fire – a clear escape route and a blocked escape route.

Travel Safety – Escape Route

If your exit is clear, grab your room key and flashlight and proceed to the nearest exit.  Its important to bring your room key with you in the event your route becomes blocked.  It may become necessary to return to your room.

Travel Safety – Trapped Scenario

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being trapped in your hotel room due to fire and/or smoke blocking your escape route – don’t panic!  Take steps to protect yourself while waiting for help to arrive.

  • If possible, call the fire department for help
  • Fill the bathtub with water
  • Use Duct Tape or wet towels to seal around the door and anywhere smoke can enter the room
  • Shut off any fan or air conditioner unit that might pull smoke into the room
  • Stay by the window and signal for help with your flashlight or by waving a light colored cloth item

Use a packing checklist to help remember items for your trip and be sure to include safety items.  Travel safety doesn’t take a lot of time or planning, but can save your life.

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