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What To Pack For A Cruise – Beyond the Obvious

by Dana Ward on Aug 11, 2010 0

what to pack for a cruise

When deciding what to pack for a cruise, think beyond the obvious (like shoes!)

A cruise vacation has some unique packing considerations.

I have a short list of three of my favorite often overlooked items that will help you make the most out of your cruise experience.

Whether you are going to spend many days at sea, or most of the trip in port, the first item I never cruise without is a set of clothes pin hangers. Most staterooms have a retractable clothes line in the shower/tub area. When you consider the many water activities both onboard and onshore, you will probably have a lot of wet bathing suits.

This is especially so for parents traveling with children. It is not uncommon to take a swim then go back to your cabin to change for lunch, and go back out for more water sports.

Space is limited in staterooms and having clothes pin hangers keeps your room neat (and dryer!) They are also handy to hang up any delicates you may hand wash during your stay.

I prefer the plastic clothes pin style that has a hook on top much like a clothes hanger.

what to pack for a cruiseDid you know your cell phone will not work out at sea? Often I see folks depending on keeping in touch with their families on board via cell phone and/or texting.

When they find it doesn’t work they are left without a plan. Don’t be that family!

Pack a set of walkie-talkies to communicate throughout the cruise ship.

Teenagers will appreciate the freedom of breaking off from the group and Parents will have piece of mind that they can still keep in touch.

There are so many fun activities on-board geared towards different age groups. Walkie-talkies give passengers the freedom to choose different activities and still keep in touch throughout the day.

That brings me to the third item that answers the question, “What to pack on a cruise” and it is the least obvious item.

Can you guess? It involves the scheduled activities on-board. what to pack for a cruiseThe item is colored highlighter markers.

Each cruise line produces a daily activity newsletter. These flyers or booklets are usually delivered to your cabin each evening for the following day.

Everything a passenger needs to know regarding important information as well as activities and entertainment is contained here. This is where the highlighter(s) come in handy.

Read through the newsletter and decide which activities and shows you want to attend. Different activities are often scheduled at the same time. Use the highlighter to mark which things you want to do so you don’t miss out. Take it a step further and assign a different color highlighter for each member of your party.

There are many items you can choose when deciding what to pack for a cruise, but I highly recommend you include these three not-so-obvious helpful items.

P.S. Shopping for cruise items can be a challenge. Click here to find the items listed above and more of what to pack for a cruise.

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