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Womens Bathing Suits Resource Page

womens bathing suitThere are so many styles of womens bathing suits to choose from, the task can be overwhelming.  But it doesn’t have to be!

Choose a style that fits your usage.  Where will you be wearing your swim suit?  What is your goal or purpose?  Is it to get a tan?  Or perhaps you will be doing water sports.  If you are going to a water park and will be going down water slides, I suggest you stay away from a two-piece or bikini 🙂

Racer back one piece suits work well when you are swimming for exercise.  Bikinis make the most of a sun bathing session for more tan exposure.

When shopping for bathing suits keep in mind the different cuts available. Just because a suit is a “one-piece” doesn’t mean it is a modest bathing suit. Some have almost no coverage on the back. Others may have an extremely high cut around the leg.

Where to Buy Womens Bathing Suits

The better manufacturers will offer similar styles with modified leg cuts from the modest to the sexy. Land’s End and LL Bean are two brands that offer quality and variety when it comes the the cut of their swimwear. You can find a huge variety of styles and cuts at along with great pricing and in some cases free shipping.  Of course in addition to the top stores for apparel, another great source for finding these summer essentials is eBay.  There are benefits to shopping eBay.  The most obvious is the chance to score a great deal with a low winning bid.  Many of the auctions are even what is called, “Buy it now” and offer brand new items and deep discounted prices.  In many cases it can be easier to obtain a hard-to-find-size this way, although is great for a large variety of colors, designs, and sizes too.

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Image credit for womens bathing suits photo – Ali Farid