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Working From Home

by Dana Ward on Feb 27, 2009 0

working from homeWorking from home has become more popular with the economy today.   Without the structure of a traditional 9-5 job, many self-employed people neglect to take vacations.  Don’t be one of those people!

Taking regular vacation getaways can refresh, recharge, and renew both body, mind, and spirit.  There are a lot of promises floating around spouting out “get rich quick” schemes.  Don’t be suckered in!  Do your homework (no pun intended – lol) and get references before committing to a company or program.

There are many reasons to choose working from home – perhaps one of the best reasons to choose this career path is for family.  Flexibility and availability for your spouse and children is a big plus.  If you are considering working from home, choose a business model that allows you mobility.  Can you imagine taking the kids to the beach while still checking in “at the office?”  You can if your office is a laptop computer!

Working From Home Possibilities

It is possible to be working from home and create a positive cash flow.  There are offline and online reputable ways to earn an income.  Always beware of any job opportunity that seems “too good to be true” – it probably is.  Sift through the possibilities until you find an opportunity that is both genuine and suits your skills and lifestyle.

Everyone has unique skills and needs.   Are you creative?  Can you write well and easily?  Do you like to make crafts, or perhaps enjoy the computer and Internet?  There are options available for both offline and online jobs.

Working From Home – Offline

Although home based businesses are often centered around the Internet, other methods of home income are possible.  You could do anything from creating a home-based child care business to making crafts and selling them to local stores.

Working From Home – Online

These days, it is becoming more common for the housebound entrepreneur to make a living using the World Wide Web.  One of the more popular forms of this is called, “Internet Marketing.”  Think of Internet Marking like becoming a doctor.  You know you want to be a doctor, but don’t know what kind to be; it is the same with marketing on the web.  You could become a “Super Affiliate” and earn commission by selling products on websites.  I

f you have a talent for research and writing, you could become a “ghost writer” and sell your services to other Internet Marketers.  Yet another possibility is to become what is known as a “Domainer” and sell domains.  Think of this like a real estate broker.  You could develop websites and “flip” them for profit.

Return to your home business with renewed energy and perspective.  You never know what new approach you might encounter.  For example, I recently came across a great website for Expired Domains.  It is such a great resource for finding thousands of newly expired domains all in one place.

Its a great time saver and source of inspiration and even has a search engine.  I even use it just for inspiration, not just for great deals.  By having all of this information on one website it saves me time and sparks my creative juices while I’m working from home.

Image credit: Bianca Copal for working from home

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